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aerolase, acne treatment, acne, laser, light pod neo, neo, acne free,
aerolase, acne treatment, acne, laser, light pod neo, neo, acne free,

Aerolase has the most advanced technology in laser skin health. Great for mild to moderate acne, including inflammatory lesions of the face and body. Aerolase is a non-ablative laser that targets the sebaceous glands to reduce oil production, reducing breakouts.

Treating acne with lasers is not a new concept, but Aerolase has made the process more effective and safer. Even the wavelength, 1064nm YAG laser, is not novel to the Aerolase. However, having a pulse width of 650 microseconds is unique. The Aerolase sits in the middle of the prior lasers used to treat acne, the Q Switched (nanosecond), and the Excel V/VBeam (millisecond). It has been shown that this pulse width is better tolerated than faster and slower lasers, and therefore more pulses and even stacking can occur. Deeper and more broadly-based heating occurs with Aerolase. With the increased heating of the acne, the laser becomes more effective in its eradication. The 1064 wavelength is safe for all skin types, but settings are reduced for darker skin individuals.

The Aerolase laser treats acne by:

  • Heating up and shrinking the sebaceous glands leading to lower sebum output

  • Killing the acne bacteria

  • Reducing the redness associated with the acne

  • Improving early scarring

  • Reducing the inflammatory component of acne

Typically, a series of treatments are needed, 4-6, weekly or bi-weekly. Touch-ups are needed every 1-3 months. Flairs should be treated acutely, so they are controlled quickly. Continued use of topical therapy is usually recommended. The Aerolase gives patients a unique, no downtime, near painless 10-minute procedure to help control even the most difficult acne.

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