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Ultra Hydration Facial

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This treatment is great for dry, flaky skin. It helps to restore the natural protective barrier. It’s great for combatting the effects of cold weather. We start this treatment by cleansing and exfoliating the skin. All skin types need exfoliation to remove dry, flaky and dead skin and to reveal and maintain healthy, glowing skin. Once the skin has been prepped, we use a sequence of oils or serums to massage into the skin for ultimate hydration. A moisturizing mask is applied to let the skin absorb as much moisture as possible. We finish with a rich and silky moisturizer for the skin to feel hydrated and comfortable all day.


Benefits of Ultra-Hydration:

  • Helps to reduce dry, flaky skin

  • Helps to restore skin’s natural protection barrier

  • Smooth, refreshed skin

  • Dewy moisturized skin

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